"To me, photography is an art of observation.
                 It's about finding something interesting in an
                 ordinary place . . .  I've found it has little to do
                 with the things you see and everything to do
                 with the way you see them —  Elliott Erwitt


Feelings of excitement, suspense and sometimes fleeting moments
of fear of the unknown, come over me when I photograph at night.  
There is something magically seductive and alluring.  Night
photography has a compelling drama all its own, where light
moves in all directions creating shadows, fantasies and fascination
in a dreamlike world reminiscent of a theater stage.  Here, I am
not interested in the literal interpretation, but seek to reveal
the deeper mysteries found within.

My interest in night photography happened early on and remains
my primary focus where I often travel abroad to remote places.
Working alone and uninterrupted is an integral part of my
creative process.  Being a traditional black and white film
photographer, I find inspiration and satisfaction creating
images in my own darkroom.  It is a slow and deliberate process
that fulfills my need for the "hands-on" experience.