Linda Fitch
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S  I  L  E  N  T    S  P  A  C  E  S

Silent Spaces presents urban and rural locations that
are familiar to us when they are bathed in sunlight,
but transformed as darkness falls.

As a child I often would spend hours alone exploring
the large canyon behind our home.  I felt at ease 
spending time on my own there, and it has become
an integral part of my creative process as a night
photographer.  I have spent the past nine years
photographing at night for my series, Silent Spaces
where I often travel abroad seeking out cities rich 
in history and memories.

Night photography has a compelling drama all its own.
When I photograph at night feelings of excitement,
suspense and somethimes moments of fear come 
over me.  I become completely absorbed in the
process and peaceful silence allows me to slow
down and study the light.  Time stands still for me
as I document empty streets and distant shorelines.

A light in a window captures my imagination, and
the vacant street alongside suggest to me a human
presence that is felt but not seen.  It reminds me of
a place within myself that is solitary, private and
completely absorbed.